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Ušesne svečke oz. ušesni tulci so izdelki za odmaševanje ušes. Metoda, ki jo imenujemo tudi ušesno stožkanje, je bila prvenstveno alternativna metoda zdravljenja v holistične namene, danes pa se pogosteje uporablja za odpravljanje težav z ušesnim maslom.

Pri izgorevanju svečk se ustvari topel zrak z »Venturinijevim učinkom« (kot pri dimniku), kar pomeni, da topel zrak skozi tulec vleče ven ušesno maslo, zamaške, tujke in vodo.

Ear candles or. ear plugs are ear plugs for declotting th. The method, also called ear cone, was primarily an alternative method of treatment for holistic purposes, and today it is more commonly used to address ear butter problems.

Burning candles creates warm air with a “Venturini effect” (as with a chimney), which means that warm air pulls out earwax, stoppers, foreign bodies and water through the sleeve.

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Insert the waxed sleeve into the ear, light it up and warm air with a “Venturini effect” will pull out corks, foreign materials, water and cerumen (butter). After the procedure, you will definitely hear better, equalize the pressure on the plane or underwater.

Using the sleeves is simple: lie on your side in a horizontal position, lightly massage the ear area, prepare a towel and place it around the ear, insert a candle into the center hole in the cardboard plate – you can also use aluminum foil, light the upper part with matches. candles, insert the candle into the ear (the burning part should be above!), hold the candle vertically so that it burns to the bottom drawn mark and remove it, and pour the rest of the candle with water (for safety reasons, we recommend that you do not use earplugs yourself). use someone helps.

Ear cleaning candles alleviate problems with:

  • clogged and itchy ears
  • colds and flu,
  • hay fever,
  • catarrh and asthma,
  • dizziness,
  • headaches and migraines,
  • neuralgia
  • tinnitus,
  • Meniere’s disease
  • chronic headache
  • allergies

The conditions for cleaning the ears with sleeves are also: healthy ear, healthy (undamaged drum), without any apparatus on the ears / throat, without ear inflammation, without allergy to beeswax.

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