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When we receive a gift, our heart inadvertently beats and somewhere in ourselves we feel the satisfaction that there is someone in this world to whom we mean something.
To win the recipient’s heart, you can remind them with an additional label, or with turning the product into a honey greeting card. According to your wishes, we can make:

  • Additional slips on which we print the logo or the text as desired. They can be tied to bottles or stick on cardboard packaging. We make them quickly and cheaply.
  • Hand engraving – with a diamond drill and the skillful hands of our engraver Julija, the glass will forever create the inscriptions of your choice. This will make your gifts truly unique.
  • Laser engraving – The computer guides the laser through glass, wood, etc., where it leaves a permanent record. It is suitable for larger quantities of very demanding logos.
  • Sandblasting – Under high pressure, the sand hits the bottle and leaves traces on the part where the glass is not protected by the model. The protected part, however, remains visible as an inscription. It is a special two-dimensional effect.
  • Ceramic stamp – The logo or inscription is printed in clay. The seal made in this way is affixed to the bottle. An excellent combination ceramic – glass.
  • Printing – Both a sieve for flat surfaces and a stamp for slightly rounded are options that can nicely complement the bottle with the right choice of colors. product. Permanent imprint for lasting memory.
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Our products are available at several locations across Slovenia.

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