Beeswax Healing Wrap

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The wrap is formed by a thin cellulose layer impregnated with beeswax, which contains many active ingredients and bee cosmic energy.

Various essential oils can also be added to the wax (depending on the purpose of use).

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The wrap is placed or wrapped around an individual part of the body (back, abdomen, chest, joints), and something warm (brick, stone, heated pillow with salt) is placed over it. The heat relaxes and speeds up blood circulation, while at the same time beneficial substances from the wax are absorbed through the skin; the skin is extremely soft, nourished and cared for after use.

The individual liner can be installed up to 6 times and is easy to use. It is especially recommended for muscle and joint pain, bladder inflammation, menstrual problems and other problems that are positively affected by heat.

Beeswax wrap is used to relieve problems with:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • breast pain
  • in inflammation of the bladder, lungs, kidneys
  • in problems in the abdomen (liver, spleen, intestines)
  • in menstrual problems


  • size: 22 x 33 cm (8.7 in. x 13 in.)
  • each wrap can be used up to 6 times
  • there are also smaller wraps with the addition of essential oils
  • easy to use

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Teža 16 g
Dimenzije 33 × 22 cm

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